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Inktown Bomber - Navy Blue & White

$195.00 $195.00
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"The Navy Baby". Never before has there been a better way to rep The Town than this classic Inktown Store piece. Handmade, custom designed, full high quality embroidery patch & stitch work. Right sleeve detailed with the state of Michigan silhouette on the shoulder, and "The Town" on the wrist. Left sleeve embroidered with a crest detailing the city of Inkster year of incorporation, 1825. The back features reinforced embroidery and patch work detailing the iconic Inktown logo. Reinforced heavy duty stitch and patch work detailing "Inktown" across the chest. In an effort to give you the very best possible, instead of a plain interior, you'll find a customized silk satin interior map of the City of Inkster. These bombers are a little heavier than ordinary satin jackets and will keep you a little warmer than you may expect. This bomber pairs nicely with the navy blue/white Inktown beanie. These classic Bombers are super LIMITED and only available one place in the world, the Inktown Store. 

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