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Welcome To The Inktown Store!

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ūüďćInkster, MI¬†

Welcome to the Inktown Store! 
This is for the People, The History, The Culture, The Pride! 
Also Spotlighting Everything Great About Inkster! 

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The Mission

The Mission is to deliver to customers exciting and unique products that capture the energy, essence, and nostalgia of all the best things about The Town B.K.A ("Inktown"). Our city deserves nothing but the very best, and we are here to deliver that to you in an exciting, unique, and fun way, because it's all love for The Town! Our only design criteria is that each item gives you that special feeling, brings back a memory, or inspires you in some way to represent Inktown proudly. There's no place in the world like Inkster, Michigan. The Town just has that vibe, that essence! If you grew up in The Town, or have been apart of something special here, then you know what I mean! You're a vibe when you're rocking your Inktown gear, and we want you to feel it, and show it! To us, the products we create are only a reflection of the city, how it may have helped shape you, and the part its played in your life's journey. We value our customers immensely, and take pride in being a service oriented company. We hope you enjoy our collections.

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